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Fine Grained Auditing Oracle

What is Fine Grained Auditing or FGA?

  • Standar auditing tools allow for observing and tracking activities within a database’s tables, sessions, and objects
  • Fine-Grained Auditing (FGA) capability in Oracle 10g allows implementation of auditing at extremely low level of granularity against any table in the database through implementation of FGA policy.

FGA – improvements over standar audit tools

  • Security audit is done using triggers to log updates to sensitive data
  • Fine-grained auditing is a superior tool for detecting security violations by tracking unauthorized access and changes within database tables and views.
  • Can track execution of SELECT statements for which triggers are not available
  • Can be used to check access to specific rows, column, or any other specific datasets
  • Significantly better and high performance compared to triggers
  • Can be used in combination with existing audit tools and trails
  • Can trigger an action such as sending email when an audit violation occurs


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