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Infomation Lifecycle Management Oracle

What is ILM ?

  • ILM is the process of managing data form its creation until the time it can be disposed of. It involves understanding :
    • How the data evolves
    • How it grows in size
    • How its usage changes over time, and
    • How long it is required to be kept
  • ILM is required in order to satisfy compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks


ILM in Oracle

Oracle is an ideal platform for ILM because it has :

  • Fine grained auditing
  • Enforceable compliance policies
  • Transparent data classification, and
  • Ability to store various kinds of data in one architectural framework


ILM Implementation and Management

  • ILM can be implemented using Oracle Database by following these steps :
    • Define the data classes
    • Create storage tiers for the data classes
    • Create data access and migration policies
    • Define and enforce compliance policies
  • Oracle ILM assistant – a GUI based tool for managing ILM environment





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