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Transparent Data Encryption Oracle 10g

Transparent Data Encryption

What is TDE?

  • A mechanism to encrypt sensitive information in the database.
  • Encryption is done by Oracle before writing to the disk.
  • Individual applications are not burdened with encryption if TDE facility is used.

What are the advantages of TDE?

  • Complexity of application program is reduced.
  • Applications can run as is without modification after encryption.
  • Encryption management can be done across the enterprise with common policy enforced by Oracle.

How to set up TDE?

  • Prepare the Database for encryption by editing the sqlnet.ora file to include an entry


  • Connect to the database as SYSDBA and create the master encryption key by executing the command

alter system set key identified by “username”

  • For later sessions the wallet needs to be open, This is done by executing the command

alter system set wallet open identified by “username”

What are the applications of TDE?

  • Creating Tables with encrypted columns
  • Creating Index on encrypted data
  • Making changes to the encrypted data


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