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Router and Interface Identification Command List

During initial setup, you can configure a host name for your router. This is the name that appears in the EXEC prompt. Unlike the router itself, the router interfaces do not have specific names that change the prompt. However, you can add a description to the configuration file that helps you identify the interface.

The following set of commands sets the hostname of the router to ATL1:

Router#config t
Router(config)#hostname ATL1

The following set of commands adds a description of “ATL to NYC” for the first serial interface on the router:

Router(config)#int ser 0
Router(config-if)#description ATL to NYC

Note: To undo any configuration change, use the same command preceded by the no keyword followed by the command. For example, to remove a description from an interface, use the following command:

Router(config-if)#no description

Notice that in many cases you can leave off additional parameters when using the no command.




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