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VLAN Command List

To configure a simple VLAN, first create the VLAN, and then assign ports to that VLAN. The following table shows common VLAN configuration commands.

*Notice that the vlan database command is issued in privileged EXEC mode.
**Giving the VLAN a name is optional.
***If you have not yet defined the VLAN, it will be created automatically when you assign the port to the VLAN.

The following commands create VLAN 12 named IS_VLAN, identifies port 0/12 as having only workstations attached to it, and assigns the port to VLAN 12.

switch#config t
switch(config)#vlan 12
switch(config-vlan)#name IS_VLAN
switch(config-vlan)#interface fast 0/12
switch(config-if)#switchport access vlan 12





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